Superintendent Mr. Mitch Hovey


Principal Ms. Nancy Sirski


Our Teachers

We have seven teachers at Mt Baldy School. Two of these teachers job-share in the kindergarten classroom, four more teach full time, and we have a part-time Resource Specialist as well.

2016-17 Certificated Salary Schedule

Tish Cate

Tisha Cate is a half-time teacher in the kindergarten class. Mrs. Cate has worked at Mt Baldy School for two years, and she has several years of experience as a substitute teacher at our school. She is very well known by the Mt Baldy School students and community. She and her family reside in Mt Baldy, and her three sons attend our school. Her knowledge of the Mt Baldy environment and community will is shared with our kindergarten students each year.

Indra Chapman

Indra Chapman is Mt Baldy School’s resource specialist. This is her seventh year teaching at Mt Baldy School. Indra was a classroom teacher, became a resource specialist, and eventually ended up mentoring other resource specialists. She went back to school and became a school psychologist in 2004. The service she provides to children is invaluable. We feel very fortunate to have Indra at Mt Baldy School.

Lois Dean

Lois Dean is one of our part-time kindergarten teachers. She has worked at Mt Baldy School for 12, and both of her children attended Mt Baldy School. Lois teaches math and social studies in the kindergarten class. Math time is a favorite for many of the kindergarteners, and one can frequently see students busily working on patterns, filling containers to check volume at the rice table, counting objects from the treasure box, and building with blocks during math time in the kindergarten.

Haylee Munson

3-4 Teacher

Anita Camacho

Teacher 1-2 class




Michael Blanks

Michael Blanks, 5-8 Social Studies/Language Arts

Michael Blanks teaches social studies and language arts in grades 5 through 8. She has taught at Mt Baldy for 13 years. Michael is an innovative teacher who is willing to take (calculated) risks with her own teaching. Her classroom may be transformed into a mining camp during a gold rush simulation one day and the next a peaceful oasis of poetry reading and writing. Michael brings a sense of patience and persistence with learners of all ages.

Email: michael_blanks@mtbaldy.k12.ca.us



Kali Kerr

Math/Science 5/6/7/8




Shannon Sateri

R.S.P. Aide


Elvira Caliri

R.S.P. Aide

Debbie Haverly

Administrative Assistant

Gay Thomas

K, 1, 2 Playground Proctor / Cafeteria

Gay has been part of the Mt Baldy School family since 2009.
My husband Ron and I have been married 42 years we have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren.

Edson Ursolo


Jonathon Copper


Michelle Johnson


Cathie Bachelder


Elizabeth Jenkins

Office Clerk