About Us

Our School


Mt Baldy engraved tree stump

Mt Baldy School District is a single-school district located in the village of Mt Baldy. The village is part of the San Gabriel Mountain range approximately 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California. The school has a stable enrollment of about 105 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. Approximately 60% of our student body attends school with inter-district attendance permits (parents live outside Mt Baldy’s attendance boundaries). Some parents transport their student from as far away as 50 miles. The school’s most recent API is 890, and the district has never scored below 800. The district uses student grades and the STAR Testing Program scores as multiple measures to assess the percentage of students who meet grade level standards. School-wide, 67% of our students achieve at or above grade-level standards in language arts and 73%.

Our Goals

We are convinced that successful education requires a cooperative relationship between school, home and community. To accomplish this we will

  • encourage parent and community volunteerism
  • communicate to our community the positive things occurring in our school
  • provide a location for community meetings and gatherings
  • continue the strong partnership between home and school


Mt Baldy School currently serves just over 100 students. Recognizing the value of small teacher to student ratio, our classrooms rarely go over 25 students. Our kindergarten classroom has 12 students.

Mt Baldy School accepts students who live outside the school district. If space is available, the student is able to enroll immediately. If space is not currently available, the student is placed on a waiting list and the parent or guardian will be contacted when there is a vacancy.

Mt Baldy School District provides transportation for students both in the village of Mt Baldy as well as surrounding areas. Our daily bus picks students up at 7:15 am at the Upland Public Library and travels up Euclid, with several stops along the way, until it reaches the village of Mt Baldy at approximately 7:55 am. In the afternoon, the reverse route is made, ending at the Upland Public Library at approximately 3:30 pm.